Is the Crypto Boom Over?

Is the Crypto Boom Over?

If you’re like everyone else these days, you may be questioning the future of cryptocurrencies and asking yourself how much higher Bitcoin and other alt coins can possibly go and have I missed the BOOM? Well in my opinon the crypto boom has just started.

According to MarketWatch, bitcoins are up a whopping 740 percent on the year. Think that’s impressive? Ethereum is up 4,600 percent! Supply simply can’t keep up with demand.

With impressive figures like these, there is well-founded excitement amongst today’s top venture capitalists regarding the potential of cryptocurrencies and block chain technology.

In fact, David Sacks, former PayPal COO and early investor in Facebook, SpaceX, Uber, and Airbnb, recently tweeted that cryptocurrencies are Silicon Valley’s next big thing.

In other words, the cryptocurrency boom has only just begun.

Here’s why:

Increased Demand and Diversification

The sharp rise in prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum in recent months has led to a $40 billion increase in their market caps. With triple and quadruple-digit ROIs, more and more investors are rolling their profits into other cryptocurrencies, which are sprouting up left and right.

This increased diversification is raising the demand for cryptos and causing their prices to skyrocket into the stratosphere and beyond. How far beyond nobody really knows, but one thing is certain, we’re at the bottom of an upward long-term arc.

Regulation is Right Around the Corner

As demand for cryptocurrency continues to grow, the SEC and other regulators will eventually get involved in the crypto market. When they do, all of the fly by night ICOs and “scam coins” will fall by the wayside.

Meanwhile, as the world of cryptocurrencies becomes less shady and more stable, investor confidence will soar even higher and much of the downside risk will be completely eliminated.

A New Era of Technology

Some of the world’s largest companies and investors have big plans for blockchain technology. In an effort to get a piece of the infinite blockchain pie, ICOs, or initial coin offerings, are launching at record pace.

With many legitimate ICOs, investors can begin making an immediate return on investment. Blockchain technology will continue to evolve and new technologies will keep taking form, so more and more investors will get involved and make insane ROIs when they hit the market.

Each day, thousands of people are discovering the profit power of cryptocurrencies for the first time. Until the time comes when everyone knows and understands cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, excitement and growth will continue and drive the prices higher and higher.

There’s Magic in the Air – The Future of Cryptocurrency

From the Aussie or U.S. dollar to the euro and peso, a currency only exists when two or more parties agree that it holds value. In prison, cigarettes may be a currency. In grade school, it might be Pokémon cards or bubble gum.

Today, everyone uses fiat currency, or paper currency, as a form of exchange. However, there is growing concern about the actual value of these pretty pieces of paper.

Several experts agree Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies will continue to grow and become viable, widely used internet-based currencies. The more people accept it, the more it will be used.

Right now and for the foreseeable future, cryptocurrencies have momentum on their side. In fact, Bitcoin is every bit as real in 2018 as Facebook was in 2005 and Amazon in 1999. Similar to Bitcoin not long ago, Amazon crashed from $76 to less than $6 per share after the World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Now, it’s arguably the most valuable company on earth and trades at over $1,000 a share.

Still in its infancy, Bitcoin is currently trading at $18,000. Where do you think it will be one, two, or even fifteen years from now?

It may pull back some, but between the analysts’ predictions and floods of recent venture capital, it’s almost certainly going to continue climbing higher and higher. The same can be said for Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin, and several other of today’s top cryptocurrencies.

ICO Frenzy

With the introduction of smart contracts, Ethereum has become the go-to platform for any and all blockchain projects. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, anyone can invest in a startup and actually own the core asset of their investment. This development has led to an insane amount of new wealth in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Unlike the .com boom of the late 1990s, in which dozens of websites like failed due to bloated valuations and a lack of tangible assets, today’s new blockchain companies are forging a new internet infrastructure dubbed “The Internet of Money” or Web 3.0. In the near future, all businesses in the realm of finance, healthcare, data recording, and more will run on blockchain technology,

The simple truth is cryptocurrencies are far from a fad. While their volatility may lead to bubbles from time to time, they will continue to recover and reach new highs.

Bottom Line

If you’re still on the fence about cryptocurrencies, my advice is to hop off now and invest in cryptocurrencies sooner rather than later. They have been going up in value at record pace and show little to no signs of letting up any time soon. Thanks to the revolutionary and masterful technology behind the blockchain, the cryptocurrency space will continue to grow in value for years and even decades to come.

Whether you have $100 to invest or $10,000, do yourself and your future a favor by investing in cryptocurrencies today. We’re still at the basecamp of this mountain, and there’s a million dollar view at the top!